Team Training and Development

Leave your desk , your computer, your phone and your every day working role. Be inspired by new ways of communicating and building mutual understanding . In Touch Communications lifts individual and group energy while learning the basics in a creative, successful communication .


The theoretical, practical and interactive sessions combine to insure that the goals expressed by the groups are reached. Many of the exercises are designed to train and stretch the right brain that governs our creative abilities, frees spontaneity and boosts self-confidence. 

Working in groups is very much about energy, trust and the state of each individual. Each individual is an equally important part of the big picture. Through giving and receiving feedback, the individuals as well as the group receive new insights and strengths with which to lift each other and reach personal as well as group goals. 


In Touch Communications has had excellent and varied experience with leadership groups, management teams, work groups, individuals, companies and organizations. The groups or teams have either been in a start-up phase, restructuring situation or simply building enthusiasm and creating new energies.

The courses provide new insights, perspectives and concrete strategies for better success at an individual, group or business level.