International commerce and communication is always a challenge. Barrier Breakers offers training in specific business and communication techniques designed to enhance participants’ expertise and competitive edge in an international arena.

Today’s global community is a fascinating mixture of different languages and communication patterns, histories and traditions. Thus, crossing cultural barriers requires understanding, awareness and trust. The ultimate successful exchange is a rewarding one - a true win-win situation in which negotiations and trade flourish.

 Successfully breaking through and truly understanding the mind set of different cultures naturally leads to successful business negotiations and contracts. Heartwarming human contacts and friendships around the world are a natural result of this engagement.

The length and content of the course programs are designed after assessing the needs of the individual, the organization and/or the company.


Erik Josephsson was raised in France but his higher education was achieved in Sweden. He has worked with International business for many years and also traveled extensively throughout the globe. As a successful international businessman, he is skilled in the art of negotiating and securing contracts.






Ilene Sawka was born and raised in the United States but has lived in Sweden for more than 30 years. Her workshops have spread to a dozen different countries on four continents.  She is a teaching consultant in creative communications and specializes in effective presentation skills and cross cultural situations/representation.