Develop your charismatic potential. Speak so that others listen!

Spontaneous? Creative? Intuitive? What does your non-verbal communication express? Are you aware of what your voice and body language tell others about who you are? Is your message in your presentation understood as you intended? In Touch Communications brings forth your natural, communicative strengths and helps you to reinforce them in a powerful way. You will become a genuine and dynamic speaker, one whose message will be remembered.


Effective communication is the most important aspect of working nationally as well as internationally. Whether you are persuading, motivating or informing, you will often be judged by how well you perform in front of an audience. Through mastering the art of successful communication, you will build relationships that are crucial to succeeding, professionally and privately, at home or on the global arena. 


This is a practical, interactive program. Theory is mixed with practical exercises, based on your real life situations and followed by feedback and discussion.